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Welcome to Dartmoor National Park...

There isn't nearly enough space here to go into everything about Dartmoor National Park and also why re-invent the wheel? For the whole story, please visit Dartmoor National Park Authority web site. You can also view their brochure online here.

We suggest that if you're planning a visit to Dartmoor, then planning is required beforehand. The park not only houses several small, picturesque towns, has large and diverse wildlife, beautiful scenery, fantastic rock formations (dating back millions of years) and fabulous walking and cycling routes but it also has castles, historic houses, gardens, museums, heritage centres, forest walks, waterfalls, arts and crafts centres, farmers markets - in fact, you will never be short of something to do and may well want to book 2 weeks instead of 1!

If you are planning a trip on the moor, then please remember that the area is covered by the Country Code so you should familiarise yourself with it. The military has a training area on the northern side of the moor where there are live ammunition firing ranges (these areas are clearly marked with red and white posts showing red warning flags during the day and red lamps at night). This area has been used since the early 1800's so you may come across unexploded ordnance - please DO NOT touch!

For the kids, there is Ranger Ralphs Fun Zone. Ranger Ralph is a virtual ranger online where kids can join the club, play online games and, once joined, can take part in special activities on the moor organised by the rangers.

Fancy joining a guided walk with one of the volunteers organised by Dartmoor National Park Authority? These walks are designed to further your understanding and enjoyment of Dartmoor, giving you a better appreciation of the area whilst getting a bit of exercise too. Don't worry too much though, they walk at the speed of the slowest person but please do be aware of your own capabilities.

We suggest visiting the DNPA web site for more information.